Month: October 2018

A Barrister's Life

It is true that a career as a barrister is a more precarious prospect than one as a solicitor, but probably less true than it used to be. Obtaining a place as a pupil barrister, though still difficult and very competitive, has been rationalized so that there is an application portal which covers most barristers’ Chambers. Barristers’ Chambers must now… Read more →

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Immigrants Replaced by PPW

In American terminology Mexico’s iron triangle consisted of businesses “too large or too important to fail”, entrenched labor unions/labor aristocracy and politicians that pandered to aristocracy. One of the unique features of Mexico’s iron triangle which relates to its draconian stance on illegal immigration and outsourcing is its’ desire to “not see money flee the country”. Much like an injured… Read more →

Intellectual Property Rights And Its Details For The Creative People

The Indian law has got some specific sides and the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights is one such diversion and the main norms of this agreement are the areas of Intellectual properties and they can be the Copyright and its related areas, Trade Marks, Industrial Designs, Protection of Undisclosed Information, Plant Varieties, Patents and Geographical Indications.… Read more →

Australian Visas For Your Option

For good reason, Australia is a continent that many people are fascinated with. Thousands of tourists flock to Australia each year because this smallest continent of the world is full of sites and places. If you are thinking of wildlife in Australia, koala bears and kangaroos are famous in the country. It has developed its own wildlife since the country… Read more →