Month: April 2019

Plans to Curb Immigration leading to Settlement in the UK will damage UK Business

The United Kingdom Border Agency’s consultation entitled Employment-related settlement, Tier 5 and overseas domestic worker closed last week. Its consultation on “family migration” is due to come to an end on 6 October 2011. Back in July we summarised the proposals contained in the consultation relating to Employment related settlement. Essentially what is intended is to limit migrants who are… Read more →

Kent Conveyancing Solicitors How They Work

Kent conveyancing solicitors are the world’s leading team that can greatly help you when you need legal proceedings regarding buying a property, moving to another place or even dividing properties among couples who are planning for a divorce. If you are in the UK, you have surely heard of such stories as a couple getting into divorce without any relevant… Read more →

Debt Recovery Services Offered in Uk-Practical Aspects

Debt recovery agencies offer such services in association with its network of debt recovery professionals including collectors and lawyers across various industry sectors. The services offered by such companies include commercial, corporate and sovereign debt recovery. Such debt recovery companies combine a variety of pre-legal recovery and negotiation strategies aimed at amicable settlement while looking to avoid litigation for debt… Read more →