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Obtaining a Gun Trust

There are many new gun laws that have gone into place and regulations put on firearms are becoming stricter by the day. For those who have firearms, which they intend to keep in the family, it is important that they can do that. The second amendment right gives individuals the right to bear arms, but in order to keep firearms… Read more →

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Near Field Communications NFC Patents – Search and Analysis PatSeer Report – Part 1

Overview of Near Field Communication Near Field Communication technology is a contactless short-range communication similar to RFID technology. Based on the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), it uses magnetic field induction to enable communication between electronic devices. It is a lower frequency technology primarily designed to carry out basic communication amongst devices and it operates at the frequency of 13.56 MHz… Read more →

Several Steps to Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft With Avoid These Mistakes

Identity theft is one of the worst experience can go through. This is inhuman, demoralizing and causes extreme financial loss. Regardless of our business, financial condition and our background, we become vulnerable to identity theft occurs. Unfortunately, this crime has become a common problem worldwide and is therefore very important to take several steps to protect themselves against identity theft.… Read more →