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China Making Improvements in Copyright Protection

China’s video web sites have made “fundamental” improvements in their use of audiovisual products with authorized copyrights, according to Yan Xiaohong, deputy director of the General Administration of Press and Publication. Now, at least 76 percent of movies shown on the country’s 18 largest video web sites are shown in authorized-copyright format. While people living in China may still find… Read more →

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The Colorado Labor Employment Laws

Colorado labor and employment laws cover a wide range of issues. One unique protection offered to employees in the state is the right to organize or the freedom thereof. In fact, violating this provision may incur civil liability damages, which include, but are not limited to, a misdemeanor charge and a fine of up to $100 per offense. The state’s… Read more →

Electronic Discovery Litigation

Electronic discovery litigation refers to the process of suing a certain individual or an organization, when something wrong is done by them, which is against the law. The electronic discovery comes with greater challenger and complexities, and this act helps avoid them to the maximum possible extent. here are various benefits associated with this process, some of which are reduced… Read more →