Learn New Methods for Handling IRS Issues with Expert Michael Scott Ioane

Michael Scott Ioane knows how difficult it can be to deal with the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS). After many years of paying huge amounts to the government, he became frustrated with a process that permitted citizens to be treated so unfairly. He watched countless colleagues and clients lose their battles against this powerful agency, dealing with unreasonable taxes, excessive interest and penalties on late payments, liens, and garnishments. When associate Greg Galaski approached him about writing a guide to maneuvering IRS regulation, Michael Scott Ioane jumped at the chance.

Michael Scott Ioane and Galaski developed the manual in 1998 as a sort of self-help book for average taxpayers. It is based on his extensive personal experience in protecting himself and others from financial ruin at the hands of the IRS. At the time, no other publication dealt with these issues, and even now, with a third edition just completed and at the printers, there is no book quite so comprehensive and thorough. Michael S. Ioanes’ strategies for financial security are original and reliable, sure to help US citizens in any tax bracket and especially those classified as non- filers or non-compliers, whom he considers the real Heroes of the nation and its republic, or what is left of it.

Many users consider this volume a sort of handbook that they consult in a variety of situations. It’s written in clear language meant for any audience. Admirers of the work regard it as mandatory reading for every accountant, CPA, and tax attorney. In fact, they go so far as to say if it isn’t on their financial advisor’s desk, they take their business elsewhere. The Boson Tea party Book by Michael Scott Ioane is particularly popular with individuals in the following situations:

Taxpayers who are the subject of an audit Taxpayers whose assets have been seized by the IRS Taxpayers whose wages have been garnished by the IRS Anyone who is concerned about current US tax law Individuals who want to know more about how the IRS operates Professionals in the financial services industry Up-to-Date and Accurate Information

Perhaps the most important thing about Michael S. Ioane’s work is his attention to detail. He consistently revises this book to be sure it contains only the most updated and accurate information. The third edition is now completed and at press, scheduled to be on Book store shelves in the next 90 days, featuring an entire section on trusts and includes a complete ready to go trust contract. There will be revised and reorganized facts on the IRS regulations that apply to trusts, to make it easier to create one of asset-protecting shields.

Readers can look forward to details in chapter 13 on the controversial topic of HJR 192 and Bills of Exchange and chapter 14 of the third edition is devoted to the IRS’s failure to promulgate the tax tables with sample briefs on how to raise this issue in tax court or in the districts you reside.

Michael Scott Ioane has a goal to ensure that no one has to go through the nightmare of dealing with unjust IRS actions, without the tools to fight back. When Mr. Ioane was growing up his Dad told him to pick the biggest bully in the ground and punch him right in the noise, hard enough to make him bleed. The third edition of Boston Tea Party gives you the tools to do just that and within the law. They will think twice before coming at you again.