Mortgage Hardship – Arizona Foreclosure Attorney Can Help

If you are facing a hardship with making your mortgage payments, you’re not alone. The national foreclosure rate is now at one in every 555 households. If you live in the Arizona area, that statistic jumps to 1 in every 18 households now in foreclosure.

A mortgage hardship is very common with unemployment numbers rising daily and US homeowners losing the values in their homes on a monthly basis as well. When someone loses their income they go through all sorts of emotions when they cease to have the ability to pay their bills. Fear can easily be all-consuming when facing a mortgage hardship and foreclosure.

The first thing I tell my clients is to not be afraid. Fear can take a root in our lives and cripple us from taking action and acting wisely. Don’t cave in to the fear tactics of your mortgage servicer or lender – or any other creditor for that matter. You’re still in control even though you may not feel like it. There are precise steps you can take to protect yourself and your interests. There are legal rights that you possess and can use to help yourself in difficult times. The biggest challenge is that most American consumers and homeowners don’t know they have legal rights. You have foreclosure you’re facing a mortgage hardship, all hope is not lost.

We have helped families stay in their home for an extra 6 months, 8 months and over a year. A very likely issue is that the financial institution attempting to collect and/or foreclose doesn’t even own your loan or have the legal right to collect. Over 80{de162838dc68c4407e1e35fee64ada9b67e9f4e01f9db25558f7014f9dd982e2} of all foreclosures filed in Arizona right now contain a “Lost Note” count alleging that they (the plaintiff) have lost the most important document as evidence of the debt they claim you owe – the Note. There are several affirmative defenses that a qualified and competent Arizona Foreclosure Attorney will know how to bring in your case. A TILA mortgage rescission may be something that you can assert if there are material disclosure violations found in a forensic loan audit of your loan documents. Obtaining a true forensic loan audit is probably the best first step you as a homeowner in mortgage hardship can take.

A forensic loan auditor will truly break down the entire package of loan documents and examine them for state and federal loan violations along with a forensic examination for fraud and failure to disclose, appraisal fraud and loan application and underwriting fraud. Be certain that you are truly dealing with a reputable and knowledgeable auditor. I find that a very select few of us really know what to look for and truly know the laws. So many people will tell you what you want to hear without preserving integrity and honesty. There is a litany of scams out there so be careful. Take your time, ask questions, find a professional who will help and educate you. Knowledge is truly power. The more you know and understand your foreclosure rights, the better off you’ll be.

You’ll land on your feet. You’ll make it through this tough time. Be a sponge for information, read it with common sense in mind and find a person or two who can be your mentor or adviser through this time. You’ll make it… I promise.