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Investment Immigration

There are thousands and thousands of immigrant visas requested yearly. Many of those seeking a visa are qualified to become permanent United States (US) residents. However, it takes years to process the applications sifting out the ones that qualify, reject those that do not qualify or still need to fulfill the pre-requisites. Even though immigration laws and other related regulations… Read more →

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Canada Analyses Immigration Sponsorship of Parents Grandparents

Ottawa is mulling over giving topmost preference to those single parents whose each and every child is in Canada. This is one choice being considered by the Canadian Immigration Minister. Other steps in the pipeline include: 1. Increasing the income criteria for those offering sponsorships and making certain that they offer financial assistance to the senior members of the family… Read more →

Canada's Foreign Relations With India Marred by Immigration Officers

“This chapter describes how to determine if persons are inadmissible to Canada under any of the statutes dealing with war crimes and crimes against humanity”. It says that those who committed or who were complicit in the commission of a war crime, a crime against humanity, genocide, or “any other reprehensible act”, whenever or wherever they occurred, “are not welcome… Read more →

Immigration Made Easier by Manchanda Law Offices PLLC

When it comes to settle on one dream destination, United States of America is a unanimous choice of millions of people across the world. Ultimate freedom, enhanced lifestyles, excellent environment, better opportunities and bright future prospects are some of the prominent reasons that bring dreamers to this amazing foreign land. Despite this, it is never so easy to surpass the… Read more →