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5 No Brainer Reasons Why You Need To Start Off Exercising

1) Reducing the risk of developing and/or dying from heart disease. Exercise helps to lower levels of LDL (or ?bad?) cholesterol, reducing the risk of plaques (blockages) in the arteries. 2) Reducing high blood pressure or the risk of developing high blood pressure. Regular exercise helps increase lung capacity, improving the amount of oxygen available to the body?s tissues, which,… Read more →

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Top 5 Smsf Tips For 2013 – Start Planning Now

1. Consider the use of borrowing to acquire property With the ATO providing clarification on key concepts using limited recourse borrowing arrangements (SIS Act) in September 2011, there is greater scope for SMSF trustees to consider the use of borrowing to acquire property. With share market uncertainty, reasonably valued property prices and younger entrants into the SMSF market, now, more… Read more →

Provisional Patent Application A Better Way to Start

Filing provisional patent application not only helps protect your invention, but also gives you enough time to prepare for application process of regular patent. Independent inventors are usually at the risk of intellectual theft. This means that they hesitate to show their invention to any manufacturer because they fear that the manufacturer may steal his invention and he will not… Read more →