Month: May 2018

Chasing The Green Card Dream Through The DV Lottery Program

Last year alone, there were over 15 million people entered for the Green Card Lottery, the biggest registration ever in the history of the DV lottery program. Every year, more than one million people become American citizens, almost equaling the number of illegal immigrants coming to the US annually. It is roughly estimated that there are more than 30 million… Read more →

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The Importance of Maritime Security

In a commercial shipping environment it is absolutely vital that proper maritime security is in place. Assets, goods and employees all need to be kept away from harm and business needs to continue without interruption. The Somali coast is one of the worst places in the world when it comes to piracy. Over one hundred attacks took place in the… Read more →

Identity Theft 101 No Cost Ways to Limit Your Risk of Identity Theft

Therefore, you need to purchase a vehicle. You’re in the dealership and you’ve got check powered, discussed and lastly arrived at a contract around the cost of the ideal automobile. You realize you’ll clarify within this automobile since you possess usually compensated your debts promptly and you will definitely pay for this particular vehicle. Then your contact arrives; the actual… Read more →