Month: September 2018

Canada's Foreign Relations With India Marred by Immigration Officers

“This chapter describes how to determine if persons are inadmissible to Canada under any of the statutes dealing with war crimes and crimes against humanity”. It says that those who committed or who were complicit in the commission of a war crime, a crime against humanity, genocide, or “any other reprehensible act”, whenever or wherever they occurred, “are not welcome… Read more →

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Patent Software is a Way to Secure Computer Software and Application

Computer application and software programming these days are huge expanding market. With the advancement in technology there is a rapid progression, with many software companies and individual programmers launching in the market. There is a lot of competition within the computer application market, huge amount of money is involved, each person wants to get ahead in this race and want… Read more →

Find a Law Firm And Fight Your Ticket

Traffic laws are quite complicated and requires clear understanding in a certain issues. One the common traffic violation is the over speeding. A person must consider the fact that following rules is very essential to avoid accidents especially traffic laws. There several traffics regulations because most of the accidents are occurring on the road and the worst part can be… Read more →