Month: January 2019

Utility Application Known As The Regular Patent

When any individual or company invents anything new, then protecting that particular idea or product or service becomes one of the most important tasks. We usually safeguard any new invention with the help of patent work. Protecting new idea or product or service with the help of legal means safeguards the invention from getting copied or stolen by any individual… Read more →

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Legal Process Outsourcing Market in India

Testimonials and case studies go a long way in establishing the effectiveness of a system or a process. Let us understand how legal process outsourcing can deliver tremendous value to an organization. This is a case study pertaining to legal services delivered by Infosys, a leading IT giant. In the domain of legal outsourcing, Infosys typically collaborates with a legal… Read more →

Identity Theft – Typical Myths And Concerns

Identity theft is really a crime that has gained lots of attention in recent years, and it has established a growing trend and using the convenience of on-line shopping, on-line banking and on-line company, much more opportunities have arrived for identity thieves to make the most of unsuspecting victims. So severe is this crime that the government has taken initiatives… Read more →

I Want to Dissolve a Partnership Agreement What is a Best Legal Way to do That

What is dissolution? The Indian Partnership Act makes a distinction between dissolution of a firm and dissolution of partnership. Section 39 of the Indian Partnership Act 1932, provides that “the dissolution of the partnership between all the partners of a firm is called the dissolution of a firm”. It implies the complete breakdown of the relation between all the partners.… Read more →

Religious Worker R Visa

This visa is for foreign people who seeking admission to conduct religious worship and perform other duties usually performed by authorized members of the clergy of that religion. The main criterion in obtaining R visa is that one must have been a member of religious denomination having a bona fide nonprofit religious organization in US. The processing time is normally… Read more →