About Pennsylvania Law of Cell Phone Jammers

Cell phone jammers are not overly common in the United States, in large part because they are illegal for most people to possess. Pennsylvania laws on cell phone jammers must follow the Federal Acts that oversee this issue.

Federal Communications Act of 1934

??? Cell phone jammers are illegal in the United States for most people. The Federal Communications Act of 1934 bans the jamming of any potential commercial radio or communication signal. Because of this, cell phone jamming is automatically illegal unless a law is eventually passed stating otherwise.

Use or Possession

??? The use, sale, or even possession of a cell phone jammer in the United States leads to stiff fines and penalties. Being convicted on any of these counts can lead to a $10,000 fine and up to one year in prison.

Federal Government Officials

??? The one exception is that federal government officials can carry cell phone jammers anywhere. This makes them the only legal carriers of cell phone jammers in the state of Pennsylvania.

Low Power Cell phone jammer for indoor use, blocking cellular communications and mobile phones by using cellular transmission to prevent use of cell phones.

The FCC has the authority to enforce this federal statute pursuant to Title 47 CFR ???? 97 (Amateur Radio Service) & 80 (Stations in the Maritime Services); the Agreement Between the United States of America and Canada for the Promotion of Safety on the Great Lakes by Means of Radio; and the International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea, c s sf cell phone jammers.

With adjustable output power, this 3G Cell phone jammer can work 24Hours / 7 days continuously, each band can be controlled in separately way. You can use it in the following places, such as Meeting Room, Oil and Gas Storage Facilities and fields, Hospitals, Theatres, Recording Studios, Banks, Contract Tendering Rooms, Churches, Conference Rooms, Classrooms, Testing Facilities, Security Services, Military Units, Secret Services, News Conference Rooms, Libraries, Museums, Prisons, Courts, Border Patrol and Drug Enforcement, Customs, House, etc.

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