Enhanced Identity Theft Review

Thanks to the internet, identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the U.S. and all over the world. Online shopping and social media are just some of the ways how you can become a victim so you need to protect your identity now before things go worst.

Since identity theft today is the fastest way to get bankrupt, you don’t need to wait for that time when your personal information is compromised before you act. During that time, your personal information may have been sold or used for creating fraudulent accounts all over the world.

To detect, deter, and defend ourselves from identity thieves, we need a fast, reliable and accurate protection. A better way to protect us from online theft is to use online protection.

Let us compare what is the difference between manual detection and automatic online protection:

Manual Detection

The process could take from days to weeks before you can successfully defend yourself against ID thieves, and you might already have lost thousands of dollars by the time a lock is put on your identity.

Automatic Online Protection

With automatic online protection, you won’t get in to any of the manual detection steps listed above; instead it instantly notifies you about a possible theft so you can take action immediately and before the thief can spread your personal information online. Defending yourself effectively means being a step ahead of the crooks.

Still not sure? Here we have a list of the best Enhanced Identity Protection services online:


TrustedID offers proactive theft protection to help protect individuals, families and businesses. Their flagship product is IDEssentials where users can get over a dozen forms of protection, gain access to their protection team and is backed up by a $1,000,000 limited warranty. In fact, IDEssentials has been awarded overall the “Best-in-Class” by Javelin Strategy and Research’s 2010 Annual Identity Protection Services Scorecard.


Credit Protection

Monitors your credit reports daily with the major credit bureaus and alerts you whenever there are changes in your account. It also provides instant online access to your 3-bureau credit report and score.

Financial Identity Protection

Actively monitor public database and the internet black market for information like your Social Security Number, Credit and debit card accounts and gives you the option to instantly place fraud alerts on credit reports if you suspect that your identity is at risk.

Family Protection

Protect not only yourself but your family too. The same protection service you are getting can also be extended to your family.

Medical Benefits Protection

You can be sure that no one is using your health insurance to get a free and unauthorized medical service.

Identity Threat Score

This feature gives a way to gauge the risk of identity theft in you in an easy-to-understand manner and helps you protect yourself by suggesting necessary steps to be more secured.


CreditLock is another innovative feature of TrustedID that offers a complete lockdown of your credit therefore preventing credit bureaus from releasing your credit report.

$1,000,000 Service warranty

TrustedID has great confidence in their services. In fact, subscribers are eligible for a $1,000,000 service warranty in case their protection failed.

IDEssentials Features

You can always sign up for a 14 day risk-free trial and experience what TrustedID has to offer or read reviews that will help you compare their services with other providers.