How Do Will Writing Services Help?

Will writing can be difficult and it is essential to get it right. If your Will is badly drafted it will become void, you may as well have no Will rather than a badly written Will. This will cause issues for your friends and family when you are gone. Therefore, ensure you instruct a solicitor who specialises in Wills to help you through. The last thing you want is for your last wishes to not be carried out as you anticipated they would be.

Remember your Will must be up to date, or you must draft a Will now if you have any of the following:-

1. Children: the most important issue here, for most people is custody. You will obviously wish to provide for your children once you are no longer around but in fact your Will will outline who will care for your children once you are gone. Leaving your children without a legal guardian will leave them pulled into the national childcare system automatically, something a lot of people will not want if they have close relatives who would be willing to look after you children as their own.

2. You are elderly: you may wish for someone to help you with your Will as it can be a little stressful. Be aware that this is completely your decision. If you feel at all under pressure by any of your family or any other individual, make sure you contact a solicitor as this is illegal.

3. You have dependants other than your blood relatives

4. You have a significant amount of assets

5. You are terminally ill

6. If you have not updated your Will for a number of years: however old your Will is the current Will you have drafted will be the one which is adhered to when you pass away.

Your solicitor will ensure that your Will is watertight. This will involve checking that any irregularities or potential sticking points within the text are outlined with good reason to eliminate the possibility of them being overridden. They will ensure that when your Will is signed by yourself and that you are in a sound mental state to do so. Points such as your executors will be discussed with you and it will be confirmed that they are happy to have this status. All in all there are a huge number of things which need to be considered when drafting your Will and a solicitor will make sure you do not miss anything important out of the text.

Solicitors who provide Will writing services will also often be able to help you with many other legal procedures that you may find you need in old age, such as drafting powers of attorney or receiving financial planning advice regarding your estate you are thinking about your options for the future.