How Much Is Child Support In New York State?

How Much Is Child Support In New York State?

By David Storobin

The amount of child support depends on the parents’ income:

. 17{de162838dc68c4407e1e35fee64ada9b67e9f4e01f9db25558f7014f9dd982e2} of the combined parental income for one child; . 25{de162838dc68c4407e1e35fee64ada9b67e9f4e01f9db25558f7014f9dd982e2} of the combined parental income for two children; . 29{de162838dc68c4407e1e35fee64ada9b67e9f4e01f9db25558f7014f9dd982e2} of the combined parental income for three children; . 31{de162838dc68c4407e1e35fee64ada9b67e9f4e01f9db25558f7014f9dd982e2} of the combined parental income for four children; and . no less than 35{de162838dc68c4407e1e35fee64ada9b67e9f4e01f9db25558f7014f9dd982e2} of the combined parental income for five or more children.

In reality, the only thing that matters is the income of the non-custodial parent, who must pay a certain percentage of their salary to the custodial parent. While in theory both parents must spend 17{de162838dc68c4407e1e35fee64ada9b67e9f4e01f9db25558f7014f9dd982e2} (or 25{de162838dc68c4407e1e35fee64ada9b67e9f4e01f9db25558f7014f9dd982e2}, 29{de162838dc68c4407e1e35fee64ada9b67e9f4e01f9db25558f7014f9dd982e2}, 31{de162838dc68c4407e1e35fee64ada9b67e9f4e01f9db25558f7014f9dd982e2}, etc.), since it is the non-custodial parent who gives money to the custodial parent, that’s the only person whose income matters. If your annual salary is $50,000 and you have one child, you will pay $8,500 no matter whether the custodial parent is making $500,000 a year or nothing at all.

If you have two children with two different people, you must pay 17{de162838dc68c4407e1e35fee64ada9b67e9f4e01f9db25558f7014f9dd982e2} for each child. Likewise, if you have two children each with two different people, you must pay 25{de162838dc68c4407e1e35fee64ada9b67e9f4e01f9db25558f7014f9dd982e2} to each of the two parents of your four children. If you are already paying child support and another person is demanding child support for your other children, you may get credit for your present payments, thus reducing your child support burden.

Additionally, parents may be required to split other costs, such as medical expenses (including any co-pays required by the insurance company), baby-sitting, summer camp, private school and much more.

When permanent child support may not be issued immediately, the magistrate may issue temporary child support.