How to Handle Being Arrested in Norfolk For General Crime

There are plenty of solicitors in Norfolk who specialise in general crime. If you happen to find yourself in a police station accused of one, there are some procedures you need to adhere to from the very beginning. If you did not have a solicitor when you were first arrested act instantly and arrange for a solicitor to attend with you when you return. It’s not too late to instruct a Solicitor whether or not have already been interviewed by the police. One of the solicitors in Norfolk will attend and advise through the entire investigation process and make representations to the police on your behalf.

Good advice at the police station can terminate an investigation in its tracks, bad advice or no advice at all can lead to you inadvertently fortifying the case against you and leading to your prosecution.

The specialist solicitors in Norfolk will give you advice and assistance to clients who feel they may be at risk of a police or regulatory investigation. They can advise at the police station if you are subject to an interview under caution, either voluntarily or under arrest. If charged, they could provide advice and assistance during the proceedings in the Magistrates’ or Crown Court and where necessary, instruct efficient Counsel and forensic specialists to assist with the case analysis, preparation and presentation.

Regardless of if the offence is minor or severe and complex, any one of the Norfolk Solicitors understand that being at risk of investigation, under arrest or charged with an offence and facing prosecution is a worrying and frustrating time. They will provide first class guidance and representation, act as an interface with the police, investigators and prosecuting authorities, to defend your best interests.

Norfolk solicitors will offer a highly skilled and expert criminal defence service for the police station, Magistrates’ Court and Crown Court cases. In the event you have been taken into police custody they will be available 24 hours a day to represent you. Anyone who has been charged with a criminal offence will appear primarily at a Magistrates’ Court and the solicitors in Norfolk have a wealth of experience with such cases. More serious criminal cases will be heard at the Crown Court and they will attend to represent you alongside an authority barrister.

Anybody arrested or interviewed in a police station is entitled to legal aid. What this implies is that you do not have to pay your solicitor for attending the police station. If you are charged, then dependant upon your income, you may still be entitled to legal aid until the end of your case. This means that you may not have to pay anything to either your solicitor or your barrister.