Identity Theft is a Like a Bad Dream That Never Seems to End

Identity theft is a growing problem. Millions of Americans become victims each year. Identity theft occurs when an individual steals your personal information. e.g., social security number, banking info, etc., for criminal purposes. Millions of people become victims each year. Due to the recession, the number of victims are increasing.

If you become a victim of identity theft, you will spend at least 20 hours of filling out paperwork and communicating with your creditors, banks, credit bureaus, and various government agencies.

The more accounts that have been stolen, the more time it takes to resolve the problem. Some people spend up to 120 hours of total labor to resolve the issue. The mental anguish that is caused by the violation of your privacy only intensifies the problem.

Protect Yourself From Thieves

There are several ways to protect yourself. Routinely check your credit report for unauthorized activity. Always protect your social security number. Never give your social to someone unless you are certain that the requester is reliable, and is a credible source.

Also, monitor all of your accounts for accurate information. For example, if one of your credit cards expires and you move, typically a new card will be sent to your old address. It would be very easy for the new resident to steal your identity.

10 Tips For Protecting Your Identity