Inadequately-managed Hospital Systems Could Unnecessarily Take Lives

Hospitals are supposed to be accountable for the negligence and fault of their staff. The problem is that most hospitals tend to deny errors and escape responsibility. They also do not publish nor inform the pubic in any way about key statistics that can help the patients and their families decide what to do when they need medical care. With all these problems, one could easily just passively wait and see where his choices will lead when under the control of the medical professionals. However, everything can be reformed. If you know someone who has been injured as a result of the negligence of the hospital, you should file a medical malpractice lawsuit. So that patients do not die unnecessarily, we can make the hospital systems better by following the guidelines below:


Transparency is the most important element that should be reformed in the medical industry. Patients have the right to know all the information that can help them with their decision-making. Some of the information they need to know are the rates of infection for medical procedures, the rate of errors for medical procedures and treatments, their chances of getting readmitted into the hospital due to complications, and patient satisfaction scores.


Teamwork is another area that needs improvement in our hospitals. In most hospitals today, especially the bigger ones, teamwork plays a key role because each of the staff members in the operating or emergency rooms should be given the opportunity to confidently say whatever he wants to say. Most errors happen because those are part of the team but are not doctors might be are too intimidated to give their opinions even though they may be correct.


Make use of technology. Hospitals should promote the use of technology in order to gain more insight about what procedures should be and should not be done, how they should be managed for the best interests of their patients, and how to avoid life-threatening errors.

Improve Note-Taking Skills

Both the physician and the patient would love to go back to the notes that were written down during the consultation. This avoids blindly blaming whoever they think may have made the mistake. As a patient, you have the right to request that the doctor electronically record every conversation or to write down the exact notes so that both of you may review later on.

Even More Transparency

Finally, hospitals need to stop restraining the patients when it comes to what they are allowed to say after they are released from a hospital after a treatment. Every person needs to be able to speak about his or her feelings. If you are asked to sign a waiver of your rights or written promise to never speak publicly about your discontent with the hospital, then your rights are being violated. Every person has the right to know when he or she is seeking treatment, so you have the responsibility to inform others about your experience.