Know How to Decide Who is At Fault in a Car Accident At a Parking Lot

Road mishaps and accidents are always heard of. Individuals all across the world complain about the rash driving of the drivers and how they were victimized by other person’s negligence and careless attitude on road. The number of claims against reckless driving and accidents has also increased, but did you know that sometimes severe accidents also happen in the parking lot? Yes, many times vehicle mishaps and injuries happen in the parking lot.

The fact is that parking lot mishaps do happen from time to time and the little known verity is that they can have the same effect on your premium cover as any other mishap. Considering that these accidents are comparatively minor incidents and generally it is difficult to settle on who is to blame for a car accident in parking lot, these incidents are not reported. However, if you follow certain set of laws and rules, you would be able to decide as to who is at fault.

The first and most important rule is that the drivers in a thoroughfare, i.e., a road that directly exits onto a main road or highway have the right of way over a driver in a feeder lane. So, if your vehicle was hit by a driver of the feeder lane, who was turning and did not wait for you, then he is at fault and you can seek compensation. The other important consideration is that the drivers exiting a parking space must give way to any other approaching or nearing traffic. If you are pulling out of your parking spot, then you should wait for the traffic to pass, in case you fail to do so and there is any tragedy, then you can be claimed for the mishap.

There are times when you might be driving carefully, but hit another vehicle or car, which is legally parked. Under such circumstances, undeniably you are at fault. On the other hand, if you hit a vehicle, which is illegally parked, then the driver is at fault and you can claim against him.

You are automatically guilty and responsible, if a mishap occurs because you failed to follow the directions and signs in the parking lot or did not follow the instructions of the manager maneuvering the traffic.

Last, but not the least, in case you hit the open door of a car and there is damage and injury, then don’t worry, according to the rules, it is not you who is at fault; in fact it the person who opened the door without checking the traffic is guilty. So, he can be held liable. The fact is that if the precautions are taken and few steps are followed, a car accident in a parking lot can be averted. But, in case a calamity occurs, now you know how to find the guilty one.