Probate Birmingham- Some Basic Cases

By Probate we mean basically a judicial certificate that says that a will is genuine and power should be transferred to the mentioned executors to administer the estate after the death of a person. Probate is a used when we talk about the rights to deal with deceased persons affairs. Probate is a word which is derived from Latin phrases” prove it”.

Probate contains actually certain cases depending on whether a deceased person has left a will or not.

In this case a deceased person can name out a single person to administer his estate or he can also name out two or more persons to whom he wants to give responsibility to look after his estate after his death. After the death of that person who has left a will, then executor can apply for grant of probate from a special section of court which is known as probate registry. Grant of probate is a legal document which confirms your legal authority as a executor on the deceased person’s all assets like money, property, possessions. An executor can use it to prove that he has the legal right to access funds; sort out all financial matters of deceased person and to collect the assets of deceased people from the other persons.

If a person dies and there is no will made by him in that case a close relative of that person can apply to take the permission so that he can deal with the estate. Usually in this case they apply to take the letters of “grant of administration”. Grant of letters of administration is also a legal document like grant of probate which confirms authenticity as executors. In case if a married person dies without a will then his wife can apply for that grant of letters. If any unmarried person dies then his parents can apply for the letters of grant. Court will also give importance to those people who have been dependent on deceased person and those can easily get letters of grant.