Someone May Steal Your Identity

Identification Theft SystemIn the fight against identity theft, info is power. LifeLock Command Cente services uses state-of-the-art technology to search broader, deeper and for more information beyond credit score reports, providing you early notifications of identification threats. Try one of these articles: , and also learn more below.Trump has Lifelock on his ShowLifeLock, the leader in providing consumers with proactive identity theft safety, and Symantec whose Norton brand provides Internet security to millions of buyers, challenged NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice reality display and Donald Trump’s cast of celebrities having a really real problem: help stop identification theft prior to it starts. “Having been a part from the display last season, we are extremely excited to be welcomed back and given the opportunity to showcase this innovative new item providing,” said LifeLock Chairman and CEO Todd Davis. “The episode may be the perfect outlet to demonstrate to viewers how to aid protect their good name.”When April 15th Comes Watch Out for Identification TheftIn the exact same instance, many identity thieves appear forward to tax season too, only in anticipation of beating you to your hefty return. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reported in 2009 that from 2006 to 2008, the number of customer complaints regarding fraudulent tax returns that were filed to the Internal Revenue Service had double.Lifelock The OrganizationLifeLock was founded in 2005. Life lock is an identity theft protection organization. You may have heard stories of those losing their identities. Others can take out loans, credit cards, and do damage to your own reputation and credit score. For a monthly fee you can make use of their alert program if your identity is tampered with.Deterrents

Fraud alerts only go so far. They are limited to only alerting you to thefts where a credit check is required. Their advanced LifeLock Identity Alert system monitors numerous forms of both credit and service account applications for the misuse of your information. Here’s how it works: anytime they find individual pieces of your identity in applications for charge cards, wireless services, retail credit score, utilities, examine reorders, mortgage loans, auto financial loans, and payday loans they alert you by e-mail, postal mail and in some cases, by phone. If you tell them the application is fraudulent, their remediation team will take action to protect your good Lock GuaranteeLifelock states that if your identification is misused while you are a client of theirs they will spend up to $1,000,000 to make it right. Even the CEO puts his personal social security number on television. As you probably know Transunion is one of the three main credit score bureaus. This helps to automate the process of alerting customers of potential unauthorized access via their credit score reports.