The Why's And How's in The British Visa Application Form

According to statistics, the United Kingdom now has more than 5 million immigrants. With the assistance of the UK Border Agency and other UK immigration agencies located in foreign countries, Uk visa application has become faster and easier in the last 10 years. This very remarkable improvement is certainly visible in the UK visa application process available since the development of new categories and processes in 2008.

The new processes are now done online specifically at the UK Border Agency website, thru the immigration UK consulate in your country, and thru the several immigration private agencies all over the world. And of these three options, applying online is the most preferred process of many British visa applicants across the globe these modern days. The convenience of finding the right form, the glossary of terms that are available online, and the very informative downloadable form are undeniably the catalyst to the applicant’s immigration to UK goal.

Your 5 Steps Guide in the UK Visa Application

Applying for a visa to UK can be done in 5 easy steps. Each of which will be discussed below.

First, you need to know which UK visas is the right for you. If you are not sure about it, feel free to explore the websites with the help of the search engines. Knowledge about the UK immigration law would be an advantage for you and it can only be acquired by reading more articles about it. And if you’re already certain about the service that you need starts your application as the next step.

The second step is to download the form. Within just 5 to 10 seconds, the form that you need will be on your computer screen already. The British visa application form is in PDF format. An Adobe Acrobat reader is the right application in order for you to clearly view the whole form. There is also an available interactive form in the UK Border Agency website where you can just type in the answers to each fields. It will depend on your own convenience whether you will download the form or just simply proceed with accomplishing an interactive form.

The third step is to complete the form. The instructions in filling up the form are already in the document?? With that, it would not be a problem anymore for you to jump from one webpage to another just to look for synonyms or better explanations about anything on the form. The best way to come up with a legible and truthful content is to take your time in answering all the questions therein.

The fourth step is to upload the form. You can further double check the form for possible typo errors. If there is none, you can then directly upload it to the UK Border Agency website. On this process also, you will need to pay for the use of the interactive form and for the conversion of it into a printable format.

The fifth and final step is to print the form and submit it either thru postal service or in person to the UK Border Agency.

Overview of the UK Visa Application Process

After downloading, filling up and submitting the form to the UK immigration agency, the next step to take is to proceed with the actual visa application process. Remember that the immigration agency cannot instantly accommodate your application. It will go into a pooling process which can possibly take you into several days and even months of waiting.

Each British visa has to be supported with several requirements in order to be processed. This is actually one of the most difficult parts of the UK visa application steps. You will have to gather all the documents, funds, consent, and approval of certain parties, passport, medical checkup result and a lot of more specific requirements of the UK visa.

You could have been already complete with all these things prior your submission of the visa application UK. However, cases wherein you still need to provide additional supporting documents and evidences are sometimes needed by the UK border agency. You should be ready about it because failure to present them these requirements within the prescribe period of time would mean rejection of your UK visas.

You will also be called for some series of interviews and so you should be also ready to answer all the immigration officer’s questions. You will then be notified either thru phone or email about the status of your UK visa application if it is approved or not.

The Role of the UK Border Agency to the UK Immigration

Application for a UK visa is not a money making scheme for Application fees for the United Kingdom government, the goal is to further develop economy through the support of foreign immigrants. In fact, their main purpose is to invite skilled workers, investors, businessmen, tourists, students and visitors with good travel purposes to help some areas of the economy to grow. The UK immigration law could be very strict considering applicants. They want aspiring immigrants to complete their UK visa application in the most legal ways. And so whether your intention is either to just study in UK or work in UK, you will need to fully comply with the immigration law of the land.

As a UK visa applicant, you need to ensure that you are 100{de162838dc68c4407e1e35fee64ada9b67e9f4e01f9db25558f7014f9dd982e2} meeting all the requirements of the UK visa that you want. You need to submit all the genuine documents and upon granting of that visa to UK, you have to obey the rules and regulations that are stated on the visa entitlements and requirements. Travel to UK within the date prescribed and leave UK on or before the expiration of that British visa that you are holding.

The UK Border Agency will not be bias in the assessment of your UK visa application. Their role is to assess your application fairly against the UK immigration law. And so if you showed dishonesty even in filling up the British visa application form alone, they will not think twice in rejecting your fraudulent application.

More of the British Visa Application Form

A typical British visa application form consists of six sections. These are the personal information, residence requirement, good character requirement, consent to application, referees and identity, and the declaration by applicant sections. These sections, on the other hand, still vary depending on the type of UK visa one is looking for.

When you download any of these available forms from the UK Border Agency website, you will be given with the information about the UK visa service itself, the cost and the time required in filling it up. The help that you need about a UK visa are all available from the website. Visit the UK Border Agency today and it’s up to you find out the ease and convenience of the readily available British visa application forms.