Video Reporting and Documentation Services For Law Firms

Many people commonly have the impression that court reporters most of the time systematically execute their duties in a court room. However a major chunk of the work they do is actually done in a legal firm’s conference halls or in similar installations. There are two main reasons why legal firms use video court reporting services:-

Witnesses seldom testify inside the court proceedings. So, when a testimony occurs outside the court premises, it is very essential that the testimony is well documented; else it won’t be useful in legal matters. Reporting services providers usually have experienced professionals and very precise translators. Most of them take the full assurance of quick and precise transcribed files for any legal case or proceeding. Most of the times, Law firms find it very difficult to do such transcription works, and hence they usually outsource it to some certified reporting services providers instead of allotting them to some internal personnel. Using trained professionals for reporting services not only cuts down the costs for law firms, but also reduces the amount of time spent to deliver quality transcribed files. A documentation service hired by the law firms delivers accurate written records of a witness’ testimony. As many people cannot dispose in the court proceeding, a written record of his statements does away with the need of him testifying again in the court. So, the documentation of witness’ testimony can prove decisive to determining the outcome of a legal case. Hence, every testified document is very precious for a law firm. Such transcribed documents are required to reflect exactly what the witness wants to convey without changing the overall tone of his statements. Most court reporters have the ability of making an official document for court, so they can also perform the duties of notaries.

An ideal document should be able to speak on the behalf of the person testifying. However, many times words are not enough to deliver this, so video court reporting services are hired by law firms to allow the court and the jury to see exactly how the witness had testified. This prevents the real emotions and tone of the witness from getting distorted in the written records. Video law services are becoming increasingly popular amongst law firms, as they are both accurate and cost effective. Video court reporting services providers usually hire professional camera operators to record and edit witness testimonies. Almost all such providers also offer translation services for testifying non-English speaking witnesses.