XLPAT- Patent Monitoring Cloud Platform

Retaining speed with the extreme adjusts manifesting in the realm of cognitive property, TT Consultants has announced XLPAT-private cloud built patent monitoring script. Together with the profitable and thorough prior art search services, TTC at this instant features a custom-made patent software. This smart product provides Patent Exploring, Patent Monitoring with PAIR lookup at one process, wherein people connected to IP niche could become participants in form of clients, law businesses together with searching firms.

XLPAT is a revolutionary setup that allows you to search patents, distribute, combine and set alerts for capabilities that you might be watching. It is designed to encompass the entire database of US, Europeanand Jap granted patents or applications.


1. Search:The person or company can do a individualized hunt in the database and maintain a bucket of vital patents.

2. Share and Merge:XLPAT empowers annotation or addition of comments. The discussed patents can be given to attorneys, clientele or maybe associates on linkedin. The preferred patent along with the displayed words can be printed, saved just as pdf or exported for CSV.

3. Alert:Alerts can be set up for updates in technology, specific patents or even a customized search query. The regularity along with the final date of the alert can be specified as required.

??? Free alerts is usually set for a pre-defined query.

??? Paid Alertsallows for additional intelligent checking through a manual lookup in which, outcomes are assessed or even filtered by specialist planners by means of a customized research technique (keyword/inventor/ assignee/ group based look ups) to ideal match the search requirements.

4. Order:The software aims to create a public IP community in which a user can increase the scope of patent obligation by sharing it with searchers, lawyers, experts etc. It offers for a better use of IP search firms by means of an online IP interactions social community, where the consumer can also obtain an useful prior art research, law firm review, pre-issuance distribution etc. The person has an use of a public database of search firms/law firms to which he may deliver business depending on simple concept is to increase the reach of the person to diverse parties throughout the world.

5. PAIR Tracking: XLPAT has a function for PAIR tracking that can help determine the present position of patent applications and also offers timely updates about the numerous office actions, date of very first publication, claim amendments and so on. The consumer obtains email/account announcements for the equal.


absolutely no suchplatform, using these seriously advanced popular features of sharing, collaborating and establishing alerts, is available as of right now. The interface is apt for dealing with and also monitoring patents and also applications effectively. The user-friendly format allows for a better query building and also search. It is an immensely secure and undisclosed way of discussing data.

In the light of America Invents Act which has extended the realm for overwhelming patents, XLPAT assists in keeping a close watch on competitor patents and also monitor any kind of new patents of interest that is published or granted. This impressive patent checking system can help challenging a patent program at various stages before it is rewarded.